Parsing date or time from a JSON String in Go is not as easy it is. Recently i found this problem when i used gin.Context.BindJSON() function to binding a json raw body from client into a struct of mine.

For any other data types, i could easily add “string” on the struct tags. But it does not seem like to be working on time.Time types.


type MyStruct struct {
	Amount float64 `json:"amount,string"`

Above type struct will be working smoothly, but for this:

type MyStruct struct {
	Date time.Time `json:"time,string"`

The parser from BindJSON() always failed to unmarshall the input.

So, i came up with a simple solution.

type MyStruct struct {
	Date string `json:"time"`

So, instead of telling the BindJSON() to parse the input as a time.Time it simply tell it to just parsing the input as a standard string.

But, did i still get the date format? Yes, of course. This is how

var input MyStruct

if err := context.BindJSON(&input); err != nil {

// Parse the input as a time. You can use any format that available. Check time in
date, _ := time.Parse("2006-01-02 15:04:05", input.Date)

// do the rest

So, as you can see. When the input came as a string, we could do anything as we need. And i could get the date / time as i need it.

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