As a code reviewer, i use Github / BitBucket Pull Request a lot. And in a few months ago, we moved all of our codebase From GitHub into Bitbucket.

Let me tell you our workflow, we have a single development branch and everyone use that as a starting point on developing new features or even fixing a bug. After that everyone will create a New Pull Request to be reviewed by me.

The default code review from GitHub and BitBucket is good, but i think i need something new. So i tried to use upsource from Jetbrains, and it was very good. It has a very simple and elegant UI, reviewing codes is so much simpler. But, it’s hard to find which one is the pull request. It may because i haven’t really familiar yet with the tools.

In upsource, there are tree view of the files and it helps a lot to switch between files to review. And the side by side view is working fine which in BitBucket was not working. In BitBucket it just showing empty pictures on the right side.

I haven’t really used all of the upsource features, but when i try to put some comment on the codes i though it will be posting the same codes into the BitBucket. LOL. So i think that it will be hard to move all engineers to use upsource because we have to maintain two apps just for code review and merging pull request.

After a while, i tried to find “Bitbucket code review tools” on Google and i find some article that saying there are a new beta feature in BitBucket on the Pull Request Feature. So i tried to switch it on, because it’s an optional. You can enable the beta in here just changed with your username. When i tried to check on the pull request with the new looks, i notice some changes.

It now has the tree view files on the right side which is made me easier to navigate between files. The side by side diff is now working, and it’s not a popup anymore which is great. The only annoying things (for now) is when you want to use the side by side diff view you have to click the three dot menu first and then click the side-by-side diff option. Which i believe not everyone will click this menu. Or maybe it’s only me. LOL

Even though it’s Beta, i think BitBucket has a great changes. I’m now back to using the BitBucket Pull Request instead of using upsource.