Music is like a part of me. Music helps me think, especially when i’m writing some codes.

cmus - C* Music Player is an app that i used to play my favorite song. It is simple, vim-like keybind.

This is why i used cmus as my music player:

  • It is playing on the terminal. Hey, i’m a terminal guy. I don’t want to spend my time just to change the song with a “clack-click” from the desktop using a mouse. ;)
  • It simple. Open cmus, load the playlist (could be automatically) and then play.
  • It has VIM KeyBind. Whoa, this is why i loved it. I could search any songs from the interface, just like i’m searching text on VIM. I can set whatever keybind that i’d like to use for every action. If you are a programmer, you’re gonna love this. Believe me!
  • Colorsheme, just like VIM. It has colorscheme, wonderfull isn’t it? You could write your own colorscheme, though.
  • It can be running on the background, it can be controlled by command line. So you don’t have to open the window of the cmus just to change the song or stopping the song which are playing. Cool, isn’t it?

Stop, you can use whatever music player that you wanted. But, Believe me that cmus is ROCK!!!