Since a few months ago my own website become silent. It’s because i don’t have the time to write some new articles. Then a few days ago i started to think about “I want to replace my website using Go, i’m not writing a Python Code anymore”.

Well, it’s been more than six months i’ve been learning and using Go Programming Language. I even start to migrate all of my works from Python or PHP to Go.

That’s the reason why i really wanted to replace my previous website.

My Old Website

The old code of The Official Site Of Ngurajeka are using Flask. Flask is a Micro Web Framework that built on top of Python. I like Flask, my girlfriend using Flask to build her own Apps or API. But, there’s a but.

I’m not writing Python Code anymore

Like i said before, I’ve been migrating my codes to Go from PHP or Python. It’s been months that i don’t have the time to write a code in Python. I build a few of microservices, and API using Go. I even convinced my company to use Go.

I’ve become addicted to Go

Everytime i want to build an API or Microservice, i built it using Go. This day, i don’t have the reason why i should not use Go to built some crazy cool things for myself, my coworker or my company.

For me, Go is Good, even Better and i just loved it.

This is why i started to think about building my new website using Go so i can easily manage my website because it’s the same language that i used these days.

And then the saviour come, it’s Hugo, A Fast & Modern Static Website Engine. It’s built on top of Go.

Hugo is just like Jekyll from Ruby, but it is more faster than jekyll. Believe me, you should try. Not even fast, it is very simple to use, to build, to deploy.

The other things that i like from Hugo is because the configuration file is better. I could use YAML, or TOML or maybe others like (JSON, XML?).

TOML (TOM’s Obvious, Minimal Language) is the best configuration file i’ve ever seen and used. I’ve been using XML, JSON, and YAML to write some configuration files. But you know:

  • XML: Is there anyone who wants to still using XML to write configuration files?
  • JSON: It’s good, better than XML but it’s only supported a few of datatypes. Isn’t it?
  • YAML: Well it’s better than XML or JSON if you asked me. But, the indentation always killing me. But Jekyll using YAML, btw.

Hugo has a good Documentation, so you will be catching up fast. If you are searching hugo themes in github, you’re gonna find a lot of themes which you can use directly with painless configuration.

Last but not least, Please correct me if i’m wrong at somepoint. [email protected]