This morning before i go to the office, i spent about an hour to watch a video from iTunes U on the course How to Start a Startup. The content is good, lots of Startup founders in this course are sharing their experience on how they are building products and startups. From Sam Altman, Paul Graham, and many more.

I watched the video “Before the Startup” today by Paul Graham. He mention a lot about how to start a startup, and also about growths. There are a lot of advice coming from him, especially on how to decide if your project was good enough to become a startup. Or even, you should not start a startup when you are in college. It’s not effective.

At the end of the course, there are student who ask about “How to Make Yourself Efficient”? And Paul Graham said, he was actually not really efficient. But he has a work around for that, is by pushing himself to make use of his time better. An example, he put deadline on applicant to submit their application so he’ll be forced to review all do application. Also, he forced himself to review carefully the application so he didn’t take a wrong decision.

Then it comes to my mind that i have the same problem. Sometimes, when things are complicated and all distractions coming it is really hard to focus. I also find that work efficient is not easy when your work environment is dynamic. You couldn’t really expect what will happen at anytime. So my current solution is that by separating what i want to do, and what i need to do.

It may has decreasing my time of writing codes or other things. But i can focus on what i need to deliver by the day without hustling what i wanted to do. At the end of the day, when there’s still time i always used the time to take some rest away from the computer and maybe have a little chat with my girlfriend and also playing games or maybe watching movies.

I don’t know if it’s effective or efficient, but i managed to deliver better result and having some good progress.