I’m a workaholic based on http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20161017-how-to-tell-if-youre-a-workaholic. Although i’m a workaholic, its never been my intention to work for money. I’m working cause i love doing it. I love to learn, solving problems, get new challenges, improve myself, and many more.

I remember when i became a Teacher in my high school, i was very excited to be on the school everyday. It’s not because i need to be there, it’s simply because i wanted to be there. I want to learn more, learn from the other Teachers, learn from my Students.

I do remember when i’m working in a government office in Bulukumba. It’s not because i needed the money, it’s because i love to learn something new. And btw, this is my very first job that i can have my own computer setup.

Actually i had my own income since high school, lots of part time job that i did at that time. Starting from repairing other people’s cellphones to their computers. All i care was getting new knowledges and challenges. I remember once i had to flash a blackberry using Linux, which i never done before. And you know what? I don’t even own a Blackberry that time. So it’s a really big challenge, gambling maybe. Cause i didn’t know if it’s gonna work or not.

It’s been a decade since i have this interests on new things, new challenges, and along the way i found some friends that really help me to get and to become the best version of myself. Lot’s of them are giving me chances to learn, to improve, to become what i am.

Even now, i’m pursuing the same thing. It’s the knowledge, it’s the challenges.

4 years ago, i moved into Jakarta not because i want more money from my previous job. It’s because i need more challenges, need to meet more people. And my family and friends support me to pursue my dream. That’s why i took it.

When the first time i moved into Jakarta, i tell my employer that i’m not working for money. I’m working for something else, i want more experiences, and challenges. You know what he said? “I’ll train you to become an enterpreneur”. Even though i didn’t really understand what is an enterpreneur at that time, or maybe even now. Hahaha He train me well, he push me to learn new things out of my comfort zone.

Everytime i find someone that has potential, i always said “don’t work for money, you’re still young. Use your time to find something more meaningfull”.

2 years ago, i met with this guy who is really good at business. He started his own company from 2012, and now it’s our company. I met with him randomly, and actually has a same dream.

Since then, i learn a lot of new things. Learn to build the company, learn how to do things that i haven’t done before. I’m a computer guy and now learn to run the company. Well, this post won’t enough just to tell you how many things that i learn in the past 2 years. Hahaha. He really gave me the time to learn things that i’m not good at, and now i’m still learning hopefully improving.

Me and him want that everyone can learn, can improve, can build their career, can have more experiences. Valutac is a home for Awesome people, if you want more challenges. Let’s join us.